I'm Michael Hussey, manager Impact Steel. What do I think makes Impact Steel different? I think, most importantly, it's our people. So, we've got a very experienced team here at Impact Steel, but we've also got young and vibrant people too. I think what we do is we deliver on customer's expectations, so we've got the stock on the floor.

What makes impact steel different? First of all I think it's the people. We've invested a lot in our people, over the time. And I think our people are our most important asset here at Impact Steel. They're our key resource and we've invested a lot in our resources to make sure that they can meet customers' needs.

What's also really important for our customers is our stock and our stock availability. And Impact Steel has the options of sourcing worldwide. And we will always choose the best mills and be able to meet all of our customers' expectations. Product availability is also critical for customers, customers want to know that the stock that they need is on the floor.

And when they ring up at 5:30 in the afternoon, we can deliver to them the next morning. Stock availability is critical for customers, and that's what Impact Steel can deliver on. We can source from around the world, and we will always source from reputable mills. Impact Steel has 25 years of experience supplying steel, aluminium, stainless steel and associated products into the Melbourne market.

We also supply regional Victoria and we are looking to grow Australia wide. I think Impact Steel is acknowledged in the market as having the broadest range of products very suited to the transport, the manufacturing sheet metal industry in Melbourne and Bora, Victoria. Impact Steel can offer you a one stop solution.

So we can source all of your requirements and stock and to be able to deliver those requirements to you when you need them. Impact Steel could be a one stop supply for you. Impact steel will work with customers to understand what their needs are and then develop a stocking program to match. We can source from multiple mills from Australia, from New Zealand, and from around the world.

We can stock up, we can hold stock for customers here at Impact Steel. We can also hold stock for customers in their warehouses. Coupled with our stocking program is our processing assets. So, we have a world class [xx] line here at Impact Steel, it's recognized in the market as producing the best quality product.

We also have a sleet line, again, very high quality product produced from that slit line. And coupled with those two lines, we have smaller PE, polyurethane coating line, that applies a protective film to sheet that allows that sheet to be processed undamaged at your factory. We ask our existing customer what they value about Impact Steel.

They talk about our reliability, our affordability, and our dependability. They know they can ring up here, talk to a qualified and experienced sales person and they know that their material will be on their floor the next day. That's what our customers value and that's what we deliver on. Impact Steel is also proud of being flexible.

We need to be able to adapt to our customers' needs and I think we've proven over 25 years that we can do that. Customers evolve and their supplies also need to evolve. Impact Steel has evolved by introducing new products and new services into the market. As our customers' quality expectations have increased, Impact Steel has improved its own quality systems and processes.

And also, we work with the most reputable mills around the world to ensure that we access the highest quality product that's reliable. Impact Steel also wants to present a friendly face to the market. It's really our people, it's hard to come across a bunch of people who do care about the customer and we do, we've got people who care about their customers.

Is our relationships, so, because of the people that we've got and P in how they care about the customer, the relationships are very strong. I believe our customers expect the quality, the flexibility and the service. Quality as in a quality product that they can use and be confident it's going to be able to be used.

Flexibility, in a way that if they need an urgent requirement that we're able to turn it around and get it to them as quick as possible. S service is being able to meet the needs of quality and flexibility and meeting the customer's expectation of getting the material had they want it when they want it.

I hope that our customers will say about us that we're able to deliver on their expectations. So, we've got our account managers talking to our customers on a regular basis. We've got our people who are on the road, being able to meet the customers and see their workshop and see what they're doing. And we got our people who manage them internally where we know the costumers very well and being able to meet their agents requirements.

The Eky markets are manufacturing and transport and we do, Eky Market and Manufacturing Transport we do our is to try and supply to them as best as possible. A lot of customers do have a lots at operation and they expect quality material that they can and put onto their machine and be confident that it's going to work every time.

And I hope that we can deliver that and I hope our customers can say that we do that on consistent basis. Our customers also would like to have the confidence of continuous supply, that they get the same thing over and over again they don't have to change their operations to suit material and I would hope that our customers would be able to reflect that too.

A key to what we supply is our quality of product. So the material that we pull off our machines is very flat, and they like to put them into cartridge systems where they can put them on set, forget and not have to worry about their material any more. Our customers are very diverse. We've got customers that supply to any user such as truck manufacturers, such as box manufacturers, car manufacturers, general manufacturing sheet metal goods.

We've got a very broad range of people, that we specialize in their sheet supply too. We do have core supply also, but we are known for what we do well in sheet. So, one thing we're able to do is meet urgent requirements and we're known for that. So, if a customer has an urgent requirement from their end user and they need it done within a late time that's almost impossible, I feel confident our team can deliver that as quickly and promptly as possible to make sure the customer is satisfied.

Our packaging of product is premium. And we've listened to what customers' require, we've listened to what customers' need. And we like to think that we're supplying to the customer exactly how they need it to use it in its best form. At Impact Steel, we're pretty lucky in we have slitting, shearing, and PVC coating capabilities.

We also have contacts without side processes to be able to provide guillotine products, in blanking and shaped products. We can access our customers as well as key processes who can achieve whatever the customers require.

What makes Impact Steel different is we really try hard to service our customer's needs, we have a great deal of respect for our customers and what their needs are. We always aim high to please our prospective customers and our current customers. Our customers always expect the highest level of service and due to our setups that we have here, we have [xx] and things like that, we always aim high to get what they need on time, every time.

[ xx]

Well we hope that they always have high praise for us. We're pretty good with return systems and things like that. If there's an issue we always try and fix it up as quickly as we can and take care of their needs like that. Here with the automotive industry, we've just taken on a quite a high, reputable company, and you have very high expectations in quality, packaging, with their slinging stuff and we try really hard to meet their expectations, made some modifications, so we make sure that expectation is met every time.

Now, general manufacturing, we're involved with a lot of laser cuttings, companies like that, a lot of sheet metal fabrication places and we supply a lot to them. A lot of them they take a lot of sheet and when it comes to sheet there, they want nice, flat sheet, things without set and bow inside the actual piece of sheet.

With a high quality shear line we take care of business here. We have a company here that's highly into dealing with truck manufacturing. And their service that they provide is quite at a high level and everything's visual, so we take care of their product here. We've been doing that for a few years.

We deal with a major company that's involved in truck building A lot of their product is visual, so we deliver to them a high quality of product every time. They're very happy with their dealings with us with been with their customer quite a few years, and their machinery is quite modern. Their operators are well trained and have been operating their machines for quite a number of years, so they're well versed on how to operate the machine for every product that comes through.

They deliver a great product at the end of the day because of their knowledge and experience.

Now with a slick machine and a shearing machine, the operators are very well trained and have been operating the machine for quite a number of years. They're also very knowledgeable about the products that we run here. And they're very well aware of what their customers requirements and needs are when it comes to a sheet, a sleep coil, and packaging needs.

Well I guess for more point of view being on the floor, your customers, they're your partners and obviously there is an importance on keeping that relationship. So it's important that we produce quality and obviously service the customer well and get them what they need, correct quantities, correct sheets and get it to them on time so they can service their customers.

And we supply a whole range or the whole spectrum of what people do with things, but more than is to people that prepare the code or fabricate all that sort of thing, but the importance obviously is on flat sheets and quality without damage to anything. So that when they buy a product they've got confidence in buying from us, they know that when they get it they can do their job. Look all those things are important.

With the machinery we've got, we can provide obviously high quality product and we have customers that can ring us late in the afternoon and we can pretty much guarantee next day delivery. We've updated [xx] a couple of years ago so we've got state of the art [xx] we've got a slater which is very good also, and we can process a wide variety of steel and also we now have [xx] applicator, so if people need sheets that need protection with plastic film over them, we can also do that. We supply everything here from I guess [xx], galvanized sheets right through to [xx] products.

Or if people don't want to paint, or that sort of thing, we also do floor plate, thick plate. We do stainless and aluminum also, so we've got a whole range. And if we don't produce it here, where we can get it.