It’s all about the leads!

Consumers are in control. They conduct their own research, seek advice and recommendations, compare offerings and even trial the product or service well before they decide to buy so how does any company stay ahead of the game.

Companies need to interact with prospects before the sales conversation, by providing relevant information that is well timed, relevant and desired in the earlier stages of the buying process.

View below the slides for a recent presentation (april 2014) to the Monash University Masters of Marketing Students on Lead Generation for Online Marketing.

To drive revenue, marketers must become more adept at identifying sales-ready leads and nurturing the remainder.
Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Routing and Lead Monitoring close the gap in the middle of the funnel to improve the dynamics of your revenue cycle by converting more prospects into customers.
Marketing Automation technology combined with Lead management processes provide the framework to, convert more leads into revenue, run more campaigns, nurture leads automatically, make sales more productive and help measure progress and results to ensure a good return on your marketing investment.

How do you automate your lead management?

The following three steps are a good start…

1. Lead Nurturing/Scoring Initial Assessment

Identify current successes and areas for improvement
Begin evaluating marketing automation software
Begin developing list of feature requirements


2. Marketing Automation Strategy Development

Select  and implement marketing automation solution
Develop preliminary lead scoring strategy
Define high-value segments in database
Create standard set of automated, trigger-based campaigns for key segments


3. Advanced Assessment and Continued Development

Identify “hits” and “misses”
Develop additional content resources for lead generation
Test and optimize emails and landing pages for various segments
Create advanced, automated, trigger-based campaigns for more segments

Below is an example of a lead generation model developed for BlueFrog Marketing clients. 

The ingredients are interchangeable depending on the type of business and the resources available but the process will deliver valuable leads to any organisation if implemented well. Contact me if you’d like to discuss how lead management can help you on 0417 305 228