Australia’s survival in a changing environment

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Ok it may be a long bow but you need to VOTE LABOUR to save our economy…

As far as i know, our economy was historically founded on gold, farm produce, and mineral resources.
That’s over now! So what’s next?


Brain power  – which is rapidly draining from our shores to where the salary is.
To compete we need to grow and nurture our IP and keep it here.

In a digital era I’d be tipping that having good internet connection and speed has something to do with keeping up with the jones’. Did you know that in china, unlike Australia, more people view websites on mobile devises than on desktops? So mobile related industries including IT, Telco, Advertising, Gaming, etc (all the cool IP stuff) are far more advanced. What I’m getting at  is that we need fast broadband to compete in the global tech race and build and keep IP here to grow our economy. Experts in these, and many other industries that rely on fast bradband for R&D and production would surely be enticed to other leading countries if the pay was good. Hey if you were gifted with skills in footy, you’d stay here but if you were better suited to soccer…

Long bow? Go with the renewable energy argument then. Either way we’re falling behind and cost cutting ‘aint the long term answer.

I’m fed up with 3 year CEO terms and political terms and education curriculum decisions and job tenures… and 3 year everything. My kids will be doing stuff in 4 years and more! Lets take a long term view and build this country to compete in the global economy of tomorrow!

“The Coalition’s FTTN network will cost two-thirds as much as Labor’s FTTP network, based on the official cost estimates in each policy, but will be only one-twentieth as fast.” Read more