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We are headed for a rebellion!

According to the guys at Colmar Brunton who have been developing the”Millennium Monitor” over the past 13 years using qualitative and quantitative research to track social trends in Australia.

The Millennium Monitor focuses on the future by exploring the pattern of change in social values, attitudes and behaviours over the long term, and
the implications of these changes.

They say we are headed for a deeper dive into conformity first as we are enjoying the security it delivers (ie casino pa natet economically in spite of the rest of the world), but the writing is on the wall.

Where we see cynicism in the youth (gen Z) of northern hemisphere it will lead to frustration, anger and then rebellion.

But rebellion is not bad, please don”t panic.

Instead of visualising the French revolution, picture the sixties in America, coming out of the conformity of the 50″s. In retrospect that was a welcomed rebellion, bound to happen and well timed according to the research.

Whatever we are conforming to now, we better start marketing to the freedom fighters of tomorrow.
Bring it on, I say !

Millenium Monitor Colmar Brunton

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