Building Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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With so many options and limited resources, small businesses are often overwhelmed by online marketing. This post walks small businesses through the steps of setting up a marketing strategy so that it all feels a little more manageable. Source:

Morgan has captured this beautifully. It’s a complex landscape and there are many spruikers flogging their wares.
The big question is who to trust? The answer is not who but what!

You can trust the data and that is the beauty of online. If you focus on SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) and make sure that all your team are on the same page then there are no excuses for failure.

Of course it’s not that simple. There are two inherent problems

1. Constant measuring, analysing and implementing takes time
2. To minimise the cost of testing I need to trust my partners to guide me on best practices for my industry.

The solution is to find partners who can prove their success in increments, ie start with small campaigns that delivers leads which convert to sales then grow that campaign. Partners who can and will report on the SMART goals you set and not all the fluff around it, ie leads to sales not impressions and clicks. And partners who guide you through the risk and reward of every campaign by educating you and honestly admitting to failure, beware the agency who promises the world.

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