7 Steps to Effective Email Marketing

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How to Guide – Email Campaign

Which provider?

Use Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, A-webber or some other subscription-based or one-off email provider to avoid your business account being shutdown by your ISP. These tools also provide excellent monitoring so you can measure the success of your campaign and improve next time.

Before your select one find out what the costs are. Some are free with restrictions on subscription numbers and include their brand on your email, eg Mailchimp you can only upload 2,000 contacts and send 12,000 emails a month with the MC logo on the bottom. If you go over they also have a pay as you go offer while some only have monthly subscription.

Also find out if it integrates with your CRM so the data you collect by way of responses to your emails can feed straight back into your CRM. Eg Sage Act CRM integrates with swiftpage and Zoho CRM integrates with Mailchimp. Salesforce and Microsoft dynamics. Integrate with Campaign monitor and mailchimp.

Regardless of which you use

1. Why are you sending this email?

2. How will you measure the impact?

  • open rates (remember not all emails are opened to be read – window pane)
  • click-throughs
  • hard and soft bounces
  • unsubscribes
  • actions from click-throughs

Depending on the content and what the broader campaign objectives are, you may need to consider how to monitor:

  • number of entries to a competition (break this down by completed and failed/non-complete)
  • direct downloads of a white paper through the communication
  • number of Facebook likes generated
  • number of tweets about your client
  • how many times the email was forwarded by the recipients
  • amount of time each person who opened the email spent reading it
  • type of device was the email opened and read on
  • subsequent list growth

Track your text version views
Around 3-4% of your database may receive your communication on a device that is not HTML enabled. If you track the text links separately, you can measure the proportion of your database in this situation. For example, an HTML link could be tracked as HOMEPAGE and
a text link could be tracked as HOMEPAGE TXT.

3. Creating effective email
Smartphone users in Australia this year will reach 12.2 million, up from 8.8 million? 43% of mobile email users check email four or more times per day

Creative and design optimisation

  • Make sure eDMs are optimized for the relevant device and browser, including Outlook, Mac, iPad,
  • Blackberry, Android, and iPhone.
  • Offer an online version
  • Optimise text to image

Segmentation and dynamic content

  • geographic location
  • preferences
  • activities

Avoid personalisation pitfalls.
if you’re using personalisation to populate a salutation set a rule to alter the content if that field is blank.’

4. Clean Data
Check there are no duplicates, incorrect fields or invalid email addresses.
Have a strategy in place for managing your delivery errors

5. Testing

Preview and Check
Test your content
Is the content suitable for the purpose of the email?
Is the subject line relevant and engaging?
Will or CAN your recipients respond to the call to action?
Will the survey form record information correctly?
Reading the content out loud or testing it on some real people to make sure it will work is a useful
way to do a sanity check!

Testing and tweaking
change one thing at a time.
run a test again to see if that fixed the problem or not.

Test for rendering

Spam checking
Run your email against some spam rating software
Does the email or subject line contain words that will trigger spam filters?

Test every link
Make sure you test ALL links on the email communication that is going out.

Look at previous campaign results
Don’t repeat the same mistakes

6. Legal Requirements

Is the mailing list approved, and have all recipients opted in?

Spam Act 2003 in Australia

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA ) polices

Australian regulations diligently and large penalties apply to those who misuse customer permissions.

Australian emails should still adhere to US CAN-SPAM 2003

Even if your email is for an Australian client, and is going to Australian inboxes, many US-based ESP’s (Gmail, Hotmail, AOL , Yahoo….) will use the US Can Spam 2003 Act as their primary

Where possible, access your client’s email platform first, so you can learn from their earlier sends and benchmark your own performance.

Make sure you then also keep these records yourself, so you can share the outcomes with your client as you develop future campaigns.

In most countries, all marketing emails need to contain a link for the receivers to unsubscribe.

You don’t always need an Unsubscribe link though;

There are two exceptions to the requirement for an Unsubscribe link on all email communications:

  • ‘Send to Friend’ emails – as the person receiving the email is not (yet) opting for further communications.
  • A transactional email, such as a receipt or bill.

Spam check.

To avoid any problems:

  • clearly identify your company in every email that you send.
  • put your company’s physical address and ID number (such as your ABN) in the email.

It is also good practice to remind your recipients why you have sent them the email. This information often goes into the footer of an email, close to the Unsubscribe link.

For example:

You have received this email because you are on the [MYCOMPAN Y] mailing list. If you want us to stop sending you emails, please click here to unsubscribe.

This email was sent to you by [company name], registered in [country], license number [xxx]. Registered office: [street address].


7. Reporting

Post-email reporting could include:

Time of sends

  • What time of the day is most or least effective?
  • Which day of the week had the highest open rates?

Delivery rates.

  • How many emails are getting through to inboxes?
  • What are the hard bounce rates?
  • What are the soft bounce rates? How many people unsubscribed?

Open rates and click-throughs.

  • Which content got the best engagement?
  • Which links were the most frequently clicked on?
  • What time of the day did most people open the email?
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