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Struggling to get a hold of what to measure?

There’s a lot to look at in the new Analytics and it’s getting harder to keep your eye on the prize.
It used to be about impressions and traffic now its all about tracking the lead funnel!

Below are some FREE tricks I will share with you (Analytics dashboards all set up) but first, here’s how it all works.

How do I track conversions???

My tip is to set up clear goals that demonstrate the change from;  suspect to prospect, prospect to sale or sale to customer/client.

Then you can measure all your marketing efforts that drive to and effect these conversions.

For example; Traffic to my site is only good if it converts to a lead.
If I have a “download your free guide, just give me your email address” then this small hurdle could qualify general traffic (suspects) as a potential lead worth pursuing (prospect).

Prospects are not usually ready to buy and may require some nurturing. Downloading your free guide may not lead to a sale straight away but you have their email address and if you keep emailing them with relevant offers you may convert to a purchase later. You still need to attribute the goal of downloading to a conversion to get an idea of where your sales come from.

Continuing this lead/sales funnel terminology; If they then go on to purchase a sample or trial they could be called a “sale” and if they set up an account or repeat purchase, they could be called a “customer or client”.  (I’ll talk about advocates next time)

Using that sort of thinking you have the opportunity to track each goal (download guide) that acts as a conversion (prospect to sale) along your sales funnel. You can now look back using google analytics to see which channel (SEO or Adwords or Email campaign) drives to a conversion and through to a sale. This is pretty effective in comparison to asking customers where they found you. In my experience they only talk about the last marketing message they saw which ignores all the work the other elements play in the lead gen game.


To set up your website goal tracking and email tracking you can visit my previous blog pos. Once they are set up here’s some ways you can watch them in action.


Here’s some simple but rich dashboards that will help you to watch your online goals.



Visits Dashboard

Adwords Dashboard

SEO DashBoard
(You will need to change the Brand Name in some of the charts)








Conversions (goals) Dashboard


I also use this report weekly

Conversion by source medium


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With Goals and conversion tracking you will know where to spend your hard earned marketing dollars.
But be careful with your assumptions.

Make sure your goal really is a conversion along the sales funnel. Visiting your “about us” page or “photo gallery” may not be a conversion unless it usually leads to an inquiry or purchase.