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How to run a successful Adwords campaign?

What is it and why use it?

Google Adwords is where you show your small ads on the right-hand side (& sometimes the top right) of Google (sponsored inks). It allows you to be found on the first page of Google results for any word or phrase that you specify which is especially good when you are struggling to compete on the left hand side in the (organic) natural search results.

What’s more, you only pay to send that person to your website if and when they decide to click on your ad. AdWords is highly measurable and allows you to test many variables like; offers, images, and even small wording changes. For example, changing オンライン カジノ “work off that winter weight” to “works off that winter weight” can have a huge difference to your response rate as it takes the perceived effort out of the product. Subtle but there it is!

You can use the results from your AdWords campaigns and apply the learnings across all your other marketing. We recently tested three creative images across Google’s content network (Websites that feature google ads like Newspapers and Job sites) and we used the most popular image to design an expensive billboard.

How do I do it?

Tools: If you want to do it yourself, I thoroughly recommend doing the AdWords bootcamp training videos Your investment in this bootcamp (time and money) will be returned when your AdWords account consistently delivers better quality leads for less spend.

Tips: Test! Put all your themes into separate AdGroups and write two or three ads to test.
Test the search network against the content network and try image ads; they work extremely well for certain products and services. If you don’t have the time then contract a professional and trial it for at least three month with a big spend (if you fail, fail fast)


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