How to craft a value proposition in 5 simple steps

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There’s a fundamental question every customer wants answered that directly impacts your ability to capture and convert

“If I’m your ideal prospect, why should I buy from you rather than any of your competitors?”

Justin Bruce‘s insight:

You can’t be everything to everyone!

When developing marketing strategies for new clients we often come across this problem. They say the offer great service, a great product at a great price. Well that’s just not good enough!

These values are mandatory, if you don’t offer above, close your doors and do something else ’cause its only a matter of time before someone else (around the world) offers your market the same thing.

It’s difficult to convince clients to see the value in owning a niche as opposed to owing a small share of a huge market. The strongest argument in my opinion is if you own a niche, you also own the opinion leaders, innovators and early adopters. These are the aspirational segment that we all want to or end up mimicking. Own them and half your work is done. They will market for you as advocates of your brand.


1. match what you offer with what they want

2. segment and target

If you want to try it yourself, this article from b2bleadblog will help clearly defining what you offer…and it’s NOT everything –  it’s not great service, price and product. It’s the passion for striving to be the best at one thing and all the benefits that will bring your customers.

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