Performance Display Advertising

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Also know as Banner Advertising

Display Advertising is more common to big Ad agencies but anyone running an online marketing campaign for B2B or B2C businesses should consider this option. See AGL ad on teh Footy site fro example.

Traditionally, there are 3 main reasons to use performance display

1. Create interactive experiences, ie moving pictures games and competitions.

2. Deliver a brand message, big simple and strong

3. Generating direct response users -phone, click here, enter etc.

How do you measure it?

When the display advertising trend started, advertisers paid per views, as in cost per impression, buyt now more commonly you would price and pay on the basis of cost per acquisition

It all depends on how you expect the campaign to deliver on your KPI’s, the following measurements are all viable options if they deliver what you need;

  • Cost per acquisition
  • ROI
  • Revenue or Sales
  • Cost per lead
  • Footfall – redeem vouchers in store
  • Phone inquiries
  • Traffic to your site
  • Competition entries that convert to email address which then converts to lead

What the best way to do it?

Define your objectives, measurement against them (see above) and Target well.

Targeting can be done various ways including;

  • Geo location, what city/state the consumer is in
  • Selecting specific websites to appear on
  • 3rd party data sets like “mosaic” that drills down on multiple variables
  • Re targeting (or re marketing) – target people who have previously visited your site, viewed a product or added to shopping cart without buying

Re Targeting is very popular at the moment and seems to be successful although there are some issues with this.

When a consumer visits your site a cookie will be used to follow them (provided they dont have cookies turned off or are private browsing).

As they go on to other websites that are part of the network your ads will appear in the advertising spaces.

You can alos use dynamic creative which enables you to follow your visitors to other sites with specific createive that is only relevant to the page/product they visited.

For example, if they looked at the holden baring for $19,999, then where ever they go it wont just show the holden ad but will show the new $19,499 ad.



Sounds great for those purchase decisions that take a long time, like a new car but the problem is it might be doing your brand more harm than good.

If the average punter doesn’t know how to stop you following them they may get tired of your ads and start to turn against your brand so beware. But if you are willing to take the risk, it could pay off.

It generally takes a week or two to settle as you must wait for cookie to set and the ads to follow the visitor for a bit before they respond.

So be aware that you may have to start with high cost per acquisition that should drop.


More Info

Google adplanner – tool to learn about display

IAB for the History of Display Advertising video


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