SEO – Factors that could be holding you back

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SEO factors that could prevent your top ranking
Some ranking factors cannot be measured because the search engines do not reveal the necessary data, or it would be
extremely time-consuming to measure the data. Make sure you pay attention to the following factors because they could
prevent a top ranking for your site


Backlinks to your web page
Are the web pages linking to your web page relevant to the search term?
How fast does your web page get new links pointing to it?
Do the web sites which link to your page belong to the same content category?
Since when do the links to your page exist?
Is the text surrounding the link to your page relevant to the search term?

Your web page
How many important links from your other pages point to your web page?
Do the links on your web page point to high quality, topically-related pages?
How often and how many changes do you make to your web page over time? Is your content up-to-date?
How often and how many web pages do you add to your web site?
How long do your visitors spend time on your web page?

Search engine result page
Do your competitors on the search engine result page get a manual ranking boost by, for
example Amazon or Wikipedia?
How many visitors of the search engine result pages click through to your page?
How often do search engine visitors search for your company name or web page URL on

Negative ranking factors (you should be able to say “no” to all the following questions)
Is your content very similar or a duplicate of existing content?
Is your server often down when search engine crawlers try to access it?
Do you link to web sites that do not deserve a link?
Do you use the same title or meta tags for many web pages?
Do you overuse the same keyword or key phrase?
Do you participate in link schemes?
Do you actively sell links on your web page?
Do a majority of your backlinks come from low quality or spam sites?
Does your web page have any spelling or grammar mistakes?

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