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You spend time and money getting people (also called visitors or traffic) to your website. How do you get more of them buying from you? Website optimisation!

Here’s my three top tactics for improving website optimisation.

I strongly recommend focusing on these for now then fine tuning later, but don’t take my word for it, test everything.
You can do this using Google Analytics new content experiments section. See video below for more info;

1. Social Proof

Social proof is all about building trust online.
The goal of social proof in website conversion is to convince your visitors that they are not alone and that others, with similar needs have good experiences when they buy from you. It’s not rocket science but often overlooked!

We all know that people trust their friends first, strangers like me next, sales people third and your company last!
Here are some ideas about how to bring the more trusted people to the front of your website.


a. Number of customers.
Add a sales and visit counter.  “last month, 43 people bought this product”

b. Type of customers.

Add Like buttons, Share, Tweet, Follow, linked in etc. This will help your visitors find friends or  people they can identify with who have bought your products before.

Friends are best! So if your company has a facebook page, get the Face book plugin for your website/blog, showing the faces of your friends who also liked or bought this product.

Here’s a wordpress blog I built using this simple facebook plugin .


If you have a large volume of sales from a single product I suggest building another face book page just about that product (separate from your company page).


c. Type of customer experience.

Strangers who are like me are second best!

Testimonials – written is ok but video is better, trust is definitely heightened when you can see their eyes. You can also tell if its real or scripted so make sure your customers use their own words to describe their experience.

Here’s a video testimonial I shot on a small HD flip cam with a shotgun mic to get good sound quality but you don’t need to get it perfect, an iPhone will do –  the rougher it is the more believable.

Case Studies – before, during and after videos are ideal to help your prospects walk through the process and eliminate the possible risks they have prior to engaging with you. Social proof is all about risk reduction!

d. Expected experience

People prefer to buy from other people rather than companies so show them you are real people. Real people just like them, who know a whole lot about the industry but are willing to take the time to explain all the pros and cons in a patient and friendly manner. Real people who are passionate about what they do and love to help people like you. Have I stressed the term “people” enough?

Here’s another example

2. Loss aversion

The negative emotion of giving up an object is greater than the positive emotion of gaining the object. People, on average, hate to loose out, they are more upset about loosing $5 than they are excited about gaining $10.


“Only 20 left!”
You may have had only 20 but still if you see this in number next to the sales counter mentioned above saying 43 people bought this product last month, you figure you have about a day or so before they will be gone (depending on the discounted sale value).

If this is all too hard, at least try time deadlines for delivery; “Order by 5pm today and receive goods this Friday (enjoy it this weekend)”

3. Reference point

How can you reference an anchor to encourage visitors to your site to act? For example, knocked down price with a slash through the old price. It an obvious one but are you doing it properly.

The worst thing you can do is always be on sale! It send a clear message to your repeat visitors that a, you are over charging in the first place and b, that the sales are not genuine so there’s no urgency. When I was young Myer had two sales a year, now i think they’re are always on sale so if they try to charge me full RRP i feel cheated.

So please change your specials regularly or don’t do them at all. You are better off explaining why you don’t have sales, eg this is a rare, fully imported product that comes with a guarantee and extraordinary after sales service – no discounts! This will help build risks into buying from your competitors and let’s face it most customers today research prices easily online


“Was $40 now slashed to $35 today only, you save $5”
You know you want the product, you know $35 is a good deal and you dont want to miss out on the $5 discount when you buy it next month!

Price point reference is a very powerful tool to convert and to upsell. If given product level (and price) options most people buy the mid level product – low is too cheap and therefore must be rubbish, high is full of features they don’t need so mid is just right for me. Think of the $2.50 pen, $4 pen and the $8 pen, which would you buy in most cases?

Try this price point reference in coordination with the loss aversion and social proof  mentioned above

TODAY ONLY (22 visitors online now)

$60 premium product now $52 (only 4 left, 22 people bought this product last month)

$50 mid range product now $45 (only 22 left, 12 people bought this product last month)

$40 entry level product now $38 (only 76 left, 7 people bought this product last month)

I hope this helps and Good Luck!

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