Youtube rankings

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You can actually buy Views, thousands of them!

I don’t know exactly how they do it, perhaps real people clicking on your youtube videos or more likely automated code.
Sound good?

Sure, let me know if you want me to arrange that for you BUT that’s only a small part of getting ranked, below is a list of 12 things that help with your ranking;

Before your invest too much time in this, consider do you really want all that traffic on youtube or would you prefer it on your website? It may be worth more to invest in Adwords and display advertising to direct people to watch your videos on your site!

  1. A Great Title – using keyword research
  2. Description  – copy writing
  3. Tags – 10 relevant keywords
  4. Transcription – accurate transcription with keywords in it.
  5. Channel Authority – lots of videos
  6. Delivery – quality and relevance
  1. Views/Attention – number and length of view
  2. Inbound Links  – from your site and others
  3. Social Shares – share to your network then get them to share
  4. Embeds – on your site and others
  5. Comments/ video responses – in youtube genuine people commenting
  6. Likes/ favourites – engagement

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