Video Transcriptions

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Using speakertext I sent this interview in for transcribing ($15AUD)
They delivered back a pretty good transcription considering the rough dialogue.

I uploaded the transcript into google”s online slots youtube captions and it worked pretty well..see for yourself.

I have also installed the wordpress plugin for caption box and now experimenting with getting the below transcription into a caption box.
Stay posted…

Interactive video

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Get more out of your web video

Video makes a great landing page, especially for Adwords and SEO traffic.

To measure the success of your campaigns you must have a call to action.
Filling the screen with video and putting strong call to actions (CTA”s) in the video is ideal and will convert much better than buttons and links below the fold.

Here”s a youtube video we made with interactive CTA”s inserted using ($147 unlimited license)
PS. I used the free trial ...

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Google Analytics Reports

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Struggling to get a hold of what to measure?

There’s a lot to look at in the new Analytics and it’s getting harder to keep your eye on the prize.
It used to be about impressions and traffic now its all about tracking the lead funnel!

Below are some FREE tricks I will share with you (Analytics dashboards all set up) but first, here’s how it all works.

How do I track conversions???

My tip is to set up clear goals that demonstrate the ...

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SEO Tips

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Have you signed up for sourcebottle yet?

One of the biggest influences on site traffic (with strong conversion to inquirey) is PR.
This is a great way to scan media call outs and repspond with a compelling story/article that they publish.

It also really helps with SEO as they sometimes write for publications with high authority which google loves!!

Set up an account and watch the daily email feeds for anything you can contribute to.

Don’t forget to mention your name/brand/url/contact details. Best if ...

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Website Conversion Tips

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You spend time and money getting people (also called visitors or traffic) to your website. How do you get more of them buying from you? Website optimisation!

Here’s my three top tactics for improving website optimisation.

I strongly recommend focusing on these for now then fine tuning later, but don’t take my word for it, test everything.
You can do this using Google Analytics new content experiments section. See video below for more info;

1. Social Proof

Social proof ...

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SEO – Factors that could be holding you back

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SEO factors that could prevent your top ranking
Some ranking factors cannot be measured because the search engines do not reveal the necessary data, or it would be
extremely time-consuming to measure the data. Make sure you pay attention to the following factors because they could
prevent a top ranking for your site


Backlinks to your web page
Are the web pages linking to your web page relevant to the search term?
How fast does your web page get ...

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SEO How to – On page Factors

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Good SEO.

Search Engine optimisation is made up of on-page and off page factors, this post is only about on-page factors

On-Page factors are the things you can do on your website to improve the chances of getting indexed by google and indexed for the right things. Here are my top three;

  1. Keyword Strategy
  2. Hosting and Technical Considerations
  3. Content Optimisation

In the next blog post I’ll run through the two key elements for Off-page factors.

Keyword Strategy

Selecting the right keywords is the most important part of SEO ...

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